First Ice Plunge in Poland, Fat Burn, Testostorone, Brown Fat Activity, Cardiovascular Benefits

Exposure to cold deletes white fat cells while at the same time encouraging stem cells to form brown fat cells instead of white fat cells (brown fat helps to burn more white fat).

The optimal temperature for fat cell death is between 39 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Burning the white fat especially on the stomach also releases trapped testosterone receptors for increased binding. (More testosterone, more muscle , more fat burning) - because muscle burns fat.

The main benefit:
Exposure to extreme cold conditions the blood vessels and is especially effective when immediately followed by sauna therapy.

The ice cold water causes your blood vessels to constrict and the sauna makes them dilate.

One of the most problematic situations for people with cardiovascular disease is the inability for their blood vessels to expand and constrict efficiently.

This is literally how you train them. However, you should consult your doctor before to make sure its appropriate for you, because people with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions may not be suited.

Before cold water exposure it may be wise to eat lightly and make sure that your blood sugar is regulated. Otherwise it is possible to lose consciousness.

That actually happened here last week.

However, if you dont eat that fat burning may be more effective, the effect is similar to "fasted cardio."

If you are already quite lean this can help you get even leaner, if you are working towards improving body composition it may be better to eat in the morning to get the metabolism going.

Foot gear is generally reccomended as the vasoconstriction on the feet is by far the worst part. Slippers designed for swimming in cold water will allow you to stay in the water a lot longer, enjoy more of the benefits while being much more enjoyable.

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