Our Founder's journey started at the young age of 3, when he received a diagnosis of vitiligo -  an autoimmune condition that causes depigmentation of the skin.  This condition is familiar to many through the experiences of celebrities like Michael Jackson.

Vitiligo can significantly impact one's life.

Conventional medical advice suggested using sunscreen, avoiding the sun and applying steroid cream to the affected areas.  This approach was both tedious and stressful and was not helping to improve the situation.

The family sought other solutions.  At the age of 9 - with vitiligo spreading - he travelled from Canada to see Dr. Karin Schallreuter at the Institute for Pigmentary Disorders in Germany, Dr. Schallreuter had created a cream called pseudocatalase and also prescribed narrowband UVB light therapy. This combination is important for reducing the hydrogen peroxide in the skin, which is thought to cause damage to the melanin producing melanocytes.

With this new, large narrowband UVB lamp system at home he stuck with the prescribed regimen.  Through the consistent application of the cream and daily exposure to narrowband UVB light he experienced almost complete repigmentation.  A few stubborn spots on the hands and feet is all that remains.   A truly remarkable and life changing result that has remained stable.

This personal experience led him to learn more about the power of light therapy. 

As a young man Kris founded EMR-TEK and he strives to create and bring the best and most innovative products forward. Products that are both holistic and systemic and conveniently allow you to support wellness right at home


Layla Yacout, the assigning CEO of EMR-TEK brings over two decades of expertise in digital marketing, sales, and business development. Her extensive experience ranges from collaborating with crown corporations like Canada Post to working closely with digital startups such as Twitch. With a robust media background cultivated in esteemed agencies such as Rogers, Mercedes, Apple, and Coca-Cola, coupled with Yacout's 6-year background as a Top agent in Toronto, she has successfully catered to partner clients including Growling, RBC, and Deciem. Yacout's visionary leadership drives EMR-TEK Inc. towards innovation and growth. Her adept customer service team, comprising Kanny, Eddie, and Laurie, ensures the delivery of exceptional service and satisfaction to clients across the globe.