Can red light improve your sleep?


Can red light therapy improve sleep quality. This Placebo controlled study says yes - and the effect is likely exaggerated when you are also blocking blue light as soon as the sun begins to set.

Participants received 30 minutes of red light irradiation every night for 14 days. (658nm was administered for 30 min at fluence of 30 J/cm2)

The placebo group did not receive light illumination.

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The results showed improved sleep and serum melatonin levels in the female athletes, increasing the athletic performance of these athletes. [1]

In addition, 3 studies transcranial PBM (shining light directly on the head) suggest a possible hypnotic effect. [2,3,4]

#Melatonin is not only your #sleep #hormone, its a powerful #antioxidant; even more powerful than #VitaminC and #vitaminE and one of the most important molecules in our antioxidant defense system.

Melatonin also increases potency of other antioxidative enzymes. (2)
#Redlight has the least power to shift #circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin.

"Low intensity red light at night did not impact the pattern of melatonin secretion in this study and is, therefore, unlikely to impact the physiology of circadian or seasonal regulation." (8)

When its dark outside, you only want enough light to be able to see - and you want that light to be red.

That is why all of our lights have multiple power modes. If the LUX is to high it is dark outside it will impact circadian.