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Introducing Angel:

- High Quality Acetate frames with internal steel for increased durability.
- Red lenses: 100% blue and green light blockage.
- Yellow lenses: 90% blue light blockage.
- Clear lenses: 30% blue light blockage.
- Blue reflective coating for extra protection.
- Anti-scratch coating.
- Matte Black and Transparent frames available.
- Available in prescription for personalized vision correction.
- Magnifications available: 0, +1.25, and +2.00.

Upgrade to Angel eyewear for superior durability, style, and eye protection. Choose between sleek Matte Black or Transparent frames and enjoy the convenience of prescription options for personalized vision correction.
Clear lenses: blocking 30% of the blue light
(clear lenses do not produce as prominent beneficial effect but have 0 colour distorrtion)
Yellow Daytime lenses block 100% of blue light (400-450nm) and 90% of blue light overall, preventing:
   - Eye damage
   - General fatigue from excessive screen time
   - Headaches
   - Eye fatigue
   - Dark circles under the eyes
Red Nighttime lenses block 100% of blue and green light (up to 570 nm) and promote melatonin production, protecting your circadian rhythm for better sleep.


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