Wolverine Red Lenses for Nighttime


EMR-TEK Wolverine Nighttime Eyeglasses - the pinnacle of blue and green blocking glasses. Immerse yourself in luxury with these 24K gold-plated frames.

Experience unparalleled protection as our lenses effectively block both blue and green light. Scientific studies have revealed that exposure to these light wavelengths at night can disrupt your circadian rhythm by depleting melatonin. Our glasses provide a comprehensive solution by preventing these harmful wavelengths from reaching your retinas, safeguarding your melatonin levels, and promoting restful sleep.

Please note: These glasses should not be worn while operating motor vehicles as they completely block blue and green lights, including traffic signals.

Rest assured, we back our claims with concrete evidence. Our lens efficacy has been meticulously measured using professional equipment, and we proudly present the accompanying test report. Additionally, renowned author Robert Hunt, known for his work on The Blue Light Diet, has independently confirmed our lens efficacy using a UPR spectrometer.

Invest in your sleep and well-being with EMR-TEK Wolverine Nighttime Eyeglasses. Experience the difference that superior quality and advanced light-blocking technology can make in your life.

To witness our lenses being tested on a spectrometer, please watch the following video: YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYYArQYP8fE]

EMR-TEK's 24K Gold Plated "Wolverine" Blue and Green Blocking Glasses: The ultimate solution for protecting your sleep and optimizing your well-being.

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