The Dead Sea and Vitiligo

"Salt in water increases the amount of UV light the water can absorb as a quantum dot." Jack Kruse

This maybe the quantum link to why vitiligo patients have so much success with re-pigmentation at the dead sea.

It is possible to float in the dead sea because the salt concentration is incredibly high.

The location has other features that add to success with vitiligo.

The UV Yield is high with a unique ratio of Ultraviolet A TO Ultraviolet B.

The ratio (More UVA than UVB) allows for increased exposure times before displaying erythema (sunburn).

In addition to high levels of salt, the dead sea has high concentrations magnesium.


Magnesium is able to reduce hydrogen peroxide concentration in the skin.

People with vitiligo have increased hydrogen peroxide levels in their skin combined with decreased catalase production.

Pseudo-catalase is a cream created by German Doctor (Karen Schallreuter) reduces epidermal hydrogen peroxide effectively while increasing the production of catalase making it preferred for this disease.

Research shows that the combination of bathing in the Dead Sea in unison with the pseudo-catalase cream not only results in a more significant reduction of epidermal hydrogen peroxide but significantly faster re-pigmentation than pseudo-catalase and phototherapy alone.

This is quite amazing because just the pseudo-catalase cream in combination with Narrowband UVB phototherapy was sufficient to repigment virtually all regions of my body.