Wolverine Yellow lenses for Daytime

$152.42 $243.88

Our premium WOLVERINE (DAYTIME EYEGLASSES) with 24K gold plated stainless steel blue blocking glasses, are designed to block 100% of blue light (400-450nm). Say goodbye to light sensitivity issues caused by artificial light and embrace improved overall wellness.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our glasses boast a stunning 24K gold-plated stainless steel frame. Even the hypoallergenic nose pads are meticulously gold-plated for added luxury and comfort.

Each pair comes elegantly packaged in a genuine leather case, ensuring protection and style on the go. Additionally, we provide a dedicated cloth for convenient cleaning, maintaining the pristine clarity of your glasses.

Experience the ultimate combination of style, functionality, and well-being with our 24K gold plated stainless steel blue blocking glasses. Elevate your visual experience and prioritize your eye health today.


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