Electronic PREMIUM Stand

$1,219.35 $1,827.52

Check  out our NEW electronic remote controlled PREMIUM stand.

Suspend it over your bed and transform your morning into a user friendly red light experience.

It comes with a remote control. 

It also can rotate horizontally and vertically but this is done easily with minimal manual force.

It can hold a maximum of three Firestorms or two Inferno PROs. The lamps are modular and can be connect together very simply.

The new electronic premium stand cannot accommodate older firestorms or older infernos (it can not accommodate those lamps that are not manufactured at the same time as the electronic premium stand). They have to be manufactured together.

Constructed out of: cemented carbide, polycrystalline diamond, and cubic boron nitride 

Horse Power: 1800 HP

Shipping weight 25KG

Product weight 20 KG

Dimensions: 680*800*820

Maximum lift and lower: 1720mm 172 CM  5.64 Feet including the bases of the  stand - 162cm actual lift height.

2 year FULL warranty, if the product breaks in that time period well simply send you a new one,

For EU customers: the electronic premium stand ships from outside the EU and so the customs process and duties are applicable on delivery to the EU.



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