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Red and Near infrared light:
1060 watts of red and infrared low flicker light. Spectrum(Wavelengths): (630nm-20%(orange-red)+660nm20%+670nm-20%(red)+830/850nm-40%(near-infrared)

Low Flicker: Firestorm flicker is measured at 0.7%.  We measure this on video with a UPR spectrometer.

2 switches. One switch operates the central (200 watt globe) and the other switch operates the 12 surrounding 3 watt diodes giving you the option to turn off the central globe. This feature allows for optimal night lighting, where all you really want is enough light to be able to see.

Secondary lenses that are placed on top of the diode reduce light loss. Firestorms have automatic thermoregulation to prevent overheating of electrical components. The Firestorm comes with a hangable kit. We offer customer quick response customer service. Our Firestorm runs for over 50,000 -100,000 hours of light time. 100% money-back guarantee. Risk free purchasing.

Irradiance (Light intensity): TBD

Dimensions: 13x13x6 inches
Weight: 7.5kg
Our lights have voltage converters integrated into them Voltage differences are not an issue.  We will supply the correct power-supply for your specific country.
*Adding a second lamp to your shopping cart will auto-activate a 30% discount*

***Disclaimer: During operation the lens of this light can become hot and should never come in direct contact with skin or any other surface. If this lamp is going to be suspended (over a bed for example) the lamp must be installed by a professional contractor.***

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