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Introducing Mystique:

 High-quality Acetate frames with internal steel reinforcement for exceptional durability.
- Lenses that offer superior protection:
  - Red lenses: Block 100% of blue and green light.
  - Yellow lenses: Block 90% of blue light.
  - Clear lenses: Block 30% of blue light.
- Blue reflective coating for enhanced defense against harmful blue light.
- Anti-scratch feature to maintain long-lasting clarity.
- Stylish options: Choose between Matte Black or Red Transparent frames.
- Available in prescription options for personalized vision correction.
- Magnifications available: 0, +1.25, and +2.00.

Elevate your eyewear game with our premium collection, providing durability, style, and functionality, along with the convenience of prescription options to meet your specific visual needs.
Clear lenses: blocking 30% of the blue light
(clear lenses do not produce as prominent beneficial effect but have 0 colour distorrtion)

Yellow Daytime lenses block 100% of blue light (400-450nm) and 90% of blue light overall, preventing:
   - Eye damage
   - General fatigue from excessive screen time
   - Headaches
   - Eye fatigue
   - Dark circles under the eyes

Red Nighttime lenses block 100% of blue and green light (up to 570 nm) and promote melatonin production, protecting your circadian rhythm for better sleep.


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