Sunset Bulb

Introducing our Sunset Bulb, the ultimate solution for protecting your melatonin levels and ensuring a better night's sleep.

Designed to emit 0 blue and green light, our Sunset Bulb helps maintain your natural circadian rhythm by eliminating the disruptive effects of these wavelengths in the evening.

With 0 flicker and low EMF, this red light therapy bulb provides a soothing and gentle illumination, making it the ideal choice for your post-sunset environment.

Upgrade to our Sunset Bulb and experience the benefits of improved sleep quality, protected melatonin levels, and a more harmonious circadian rhythm. Create the perfect ambiance for a restful night with our Sunset Bulb.
Our bulbs work anywhere in the world with 100-240V ac compatibilty
7W bulb 
50,000 hours (lifespan)



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