Krypton UV 606W


Introducing Krypton UV 606 (Patent Pending) *

*Specifications:** - **LED Light Power:** 606 watts - **Wavelengths:** - Red light at 630nm and 660nm - Near Infrared light at 810nm and 830nm **UVB and UVA Light Components:**

**Narrowband UVB:** - Power: 72 watts - Placement: Tubes located on the sides of the unit - Features: Electronic ballasts to eliminate flicker, ensuring a stable and comfortable light experience 

**Broadband UVA:** - Power: 34 watts - Placement: Tubes located horizontally down the middle of the unit 

Features: Electronic ballasts to eliminate flicker, providing consistent and reliable light output **

Electrical Upgrades:** - Equipped with PRO series electrical upgrades for enhanced performance and safety.

**Safety Profile:** - **UVB and UVA Bulbs:** Utilizes Phillips FDA-approved Narrowband UVB and Broadband UVA bulbs, ensuring high standards of safety and efficacy. -

**Protective Glass:** Features 3mm tempered glass to prevent injury from broken bulbs, adding an extra layer of safety.

**Maintenance:** - **Easy Bulb Replacement:** Designed with detachable Phillips bulbs, making the replacement process straightforward and hassle-free. 






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