Photobiomodulation & Microbiome, Shawn Bean on Leaky Gut (Part 2.)

"Red light therapy may be another modality helping in controlling “IBS”. By reducing systemic pro-inflammatory cytokines will allow the gut to move into an optimal healing environment to help with intestinal hyperpermeability. As shown in the study, there was a beneficial shift in commensal bacteria. This is intestinal inflammation is commonly referred to as “Leaky Gut”. (1)

After many months of researching seeing both success and failures in challenging cases, it has lead to re-evaluations of current concepts and philosophies.


In each case, it is important to identify microbial dysbiosis, but it is more important to focus on establishing the “symbiosis” than killing microbes as the first line of defense.

This was a concept I have been using for many years, but was lead astray by focusing on killing the pathogens. When I heard Kiran speak recently, it totally resonated. This original concept “Germ Terrain Duality Theory” (listed below) has been around for almost 100 years, but unfortunately forgotten. (2)

In today’s health this could be referred to as “microbial resilience”. If you kill the microbes and do not create a healthy environment for symbiosis to occur, these pathogens will come back with a vengeance many have experienced.

With increase cases of Lyme, co-infections and other pathogenic loads placed on heavy antibiotics for prolong period of time the gut microbiome and integrity of the Gi mucosa barrier becomes highly compromised.

Probiotics may help some in other cases it makes infection harder to control. These areas should be first line of evaluation before being out on antibiotics. Sadly this rarely or ever is the case.

In the current situation with greater capacity for immune compromised individuals, these factors are what practitioners should be evaluating and focusing on with their clients to optimize outcomes."

-Shawn Bean

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