EMR-TeK Inferno Lamp case study (Italy)

Inferno Lamp case Study from an Italian client using our Inferno. @Angelo Rossiello @Alesso Angeleri are writing a book on human health and longevity Doris Loh, all three authors are incredible.

"For HRV, the subject used the EmWawe Pro Plus. A very professional and precise HarthMath system starting without a consolidated baseline (minimum 5 days of measurements without making the lamp as I had recommended, but it is not a problem. You are always in a hurry to start when you have new tools in your home...).

RESULTS: (impressive). HrV values have all increased, but especially the parasympathetic and tone of the SNV (total power)...

He sent me a simple table for a comparison between the t0 of day 1 and the t0 of day 4 (the 5th day did only the afternoon) and the results were confirmed anyway. Among others, especially the parasympathetic (both in the domain of time and frequencies) and the tone of the SNV (total power)

I have seen quick improvements in Heart rate variability as well - even as soon as the first use. Please see another clients data after only 1 use of the lamp. In our USA clients own words:

"Loving the light so far. I am going to save up for the firestorm. Cool data for you. I have an Oura ring so it tracks my HRV I range between 40-60 usually depending if I worked out hard. Here are some screen shots for the month of Aug. I started using the red light at night for 15 the last 4 nights and have been at 70 or higher with a crazy high of 100. I never have had 100."

For an in-depth look at HRV, I refer to Angelos book INSONNIA. (only available in italian we are working on translation) https://shop.evolutamente.it/it/home/1-insonnia-il-male-del-nuovo-secolo.html

But now back to our client in Italy.

For bioicrimidentometry, he used the Impremed L-DEX U 400 (frequency range from 4 to 1000 kHz).

THE CLIENT COMMENTS: I don't believe my eyes either... and I tried to be as objective as possible... then I worked on the percentages before and after, so they don't even affect circadian rhythms on the hrv or any activities performed before the measurement. BIOIMPEDENZIOMETRIA: I'm not an expert and so I make a copy and paste from the mypersonaltrainer website:

"BIA (or rather B.I.A.) is an acronym for the English term Body Impedence Assessment, which translates into Bioimpedentometry.

BIA is one of the fastest and most precise techniques for measuring and evaluating body composition (CC); its operation is indirect (such as plyometry) and is based on the measurement of the IMPEDENZA (Z) offered by the human body to the passage of an alternating electric current at fixed frequency, by virtue of the fact that the capacity of the body to conduct is directly proportional to the amount of water and electrolytes contained in it (Total Body Water – TBW).

It should be noted that the Z-pressure: increases as fat mass increases and decreases as lean mass increases and decreases as fat mass shrinks (which logically possesses greater resistance – R)

Ultimately, BIA measures DIRECT and specifically ONLY electrical quantities dependent on tissue hydration; on the other hand, in this way it is possible to detect variations in total body water (TBW) of clinical interest and, through special regression equations, predict the ratio of fatless mass (FFM – containing high amounts of water and electrolytes, therefore more conductible) and fat mass (FM – containing little water and electrolytes and therefore highly enduranced)".

But the results here were even more shocking:

Data from day 1 to day 4 are represented as differences. The total weight remained unchanged.

As you can see, the resistance increases and increases the hydration due probably to a sharp increase in the thickness of the interface water (EZ Exclusion Zone) due to the increase in mitochondrial activity. It is an absolutely non-peregrine hypothesis because it is confirmed by a very important and unexpected increase in cellular capacity. But the amazing thing is that the instrument registers a CRAZY -3% total fat mass!!!!! Already skinny subject!!!!! In just 4 days!!!

"The whole thing is absolutely CONTRO-INTUITIVE. In fact, when you lose a lot of fat mass as in this case you should expect a person with a lot less water (fundamental component of fat) and instead the subject is even more hydrated!!!! Which means that the hydration data returned by the instrument is even OVERSIZED!!!!! So the treatment of photobiomodulation could even rewrite the "classic" way of interpreting bioimpedentometry."

The client comments: the values have deviated slightly, with only four days you can not see much, but interesting is the capacity of the cell membrane that has undergone an increase of 5.56% ... whereas I am lean (!!!!!!!) it is also interesting to reduce fat -3.08% confirming the action on fats and cellulite (for women) that you had anticipated... This personal story is likely to be updated in the future.

Here, gentlemen, that's it. Now we are studying the opportunity to do something more complete with 6-8 subjects and publish it."

-Angelo Rossiello.

Angelo 52 years old, engineer, father of a beautiful daughter, ex cyclist and competitive triathlete with some appreciable results. Since 2004 he has experimented with the paleo diet combined with endurance sports and has followed dozens of other similar experiences on thematic forums of other athletes and enthusiasts like him. One of the organizers of the "paleomeeting" event, past president, current secretary and founding member of SIMNE (Italian Society of Medicine and Evolutionary Nutrition). Co-author of IL NUOVO VIVERE